Thursday, 24 July 2008

Tina Turnover x Ollie Danger = TTOD presents...

Myself and BNTL contributor Ollie Danger are joining forces to bring you TTOD presents... A collaboration of creative minds discussing current affairs that affect us all.

The first installment documents the latest contradiction occurring in the world of "Street Art".
Check it out HERE and let me know your thoughts...


Chelsea Harbour. London.

WORK IT. 19th July 2008. Visions Video. Dalston. London

Photography by Simon Archer Hurlstone

Monday, 21 July 2008

Fats WORKed IT...

Last night was BIG....see what Fats had to say on SLAM X HYPE

See more of his photographs from the night here.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Plimsole Man. Cheshire Street. London

For the first time I had a real chat with 'Plimsole Man', before now his only words to me were 'NO DEAR, you cant try them on till you give me the FIVER!!'

But on this sunny mid week afternoon, we had a moment.

He told me about the history of Cheshire Street, and how the cupboard he operates out of, actually used to be the store room for his shoe shop further down the road.

That is until 15 years ago, when the council forced him out, because of their (luckily failed) attempt to build flats and demolish the listed building that makes up half of Cheshire street.

Previously known as the 'Doc Martin's Man' through out the 80s Punk era.

This guy has seen it all, lived through the rise and fall of various subcultures, and evolved his business to maximise on trends of the moment. He is one of the few remaining original East London characters left in the Brick Lane area.

'Plimsole Man'....YOU most definitely WORK IT.

Chaz & Brenda. Cheshire Street. London.

Chaz sometimes works here.

Brenda sometimes keeps him company.