Friday, 23 January 2009


Work It have decided to mix it up for you in 2009 and give you a new event at a new venue jam packed with the fullest r'n'b and hip hop flavor. Gonna be as bad as R Kelly in a girl's school!


GROUP TRIP....Its on Friday 23rd Jan at Bar 512 Kingsland Road E8 4AE.

10pm-4am £5 Entry.


Johnny Dett
Blaise Bellville
Maxwell Jaye
Suicidedogz Soundsystem
Rags (Living Proof)

Friday, 16 January 2009

Chillin with Derrick...

The exercise boom of the 90s was all about looking good and feeling fine. As well as the shell suit it gave us Derrick Evans fondly known as the iconic morning TV fitness instructor, Mr Motivator. Combining fashion, music, celebrity and most importantly having fun with fitness, viewers would tune in every morning not only for his funky fresh work outs but to listen to the beats and see what his leotards where saying! In the new millennium Derrick disappeared from our screens, exercise was out and technology was in. As the internet expanded so did our nations waistline, and now we need Mr Motivator more than ever before. Tina Turnover caught up with man himself to talk music, bumbags and obesity...


What or who inspired your fabulous choice of exercise wear?

This was all my own idea, I had no intention of looking like anyone else, bright colours I liked and Lycra seemed the best choice. I wanted to be different, if I had come on TV wearing black shorts and white top everyone would have forgotten me by now. But by dressing up the pill of fitness in a sugary colourful coating it got everyone swallowing it without realising that they were doing exercise.

What did you put in your bumbag when you were flexing on GMTV?
The bum bag was just an
idea that I had as a way of storing my mike but also as a complimentary fashion accessory.

Do you still have the ensembles and will you rock them in 2009?

All my Lycra still fits, and due to popular demand I will be wearing them again as well as some new bright coloured gear that will be showcased too.
What do you pump out the speakers when you are working out?
I prefer up tempo music quite fast with a strong base line the more funky the better.

What is your favourite track ever?

This would have to be “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now” by McFadden and Whitehead.

You had many glamorous celebrity guests over the years, who was your favourite?

One of the most wonderful and sincere person that I had the pleasure of working with was Shirley Bassey, she and I definately hit it off and there will always be a special part of me that admires all that she represents and has achieved.

How do you feel about the rising rates of obesity in the UK and what can we do about it?
There are a number of reasons why obesity levels have come about we can narrow it down to lack of physical attention and facilities in schools and the computer and TV dominated fast food convenience lifestyle we now lead. A simple answer could be to put Incentives in place to reward children and the family’s whenever they do something physical.

How will you motivate our lazy nation to get fit?

That is the question, I do believe that Mr Motivator can go some way towards helping, as I am convinced that exercises that are fun to do will keep the participant going. Using music and continual motivational factors such as getting back into that favourite item of clothing or walking that distance that previously was a problem are all factors that should keep the nation moving. The slogan for 2009 should be “Let us Move it with Mote” It is only by working together that will lead to a solution. and that means that everyone needs to get involved from Government ministers looking the part and leading a healthier lifestyle to employers giving incentives to their employees who take on gym membership or who achieves a level of fitness

What keeps you motivated?

There is a level of joy that I get when I meet individuals who wanted to make a change, have set their goal and then went about making it reality. And they credit me for being the turning point, how motivational is that???


Video Narrative

You gotta love a bit of bad narrative in a music video. A low budget Junior Mafia house party at Lil' Kim and Biggie's house combined with 'Aaliyah on kitchen table' scene, Colombian drugs run and murder conspiracy.

Thursday, 8 January 2009


BIG LOVE to everyone that came down and made it my best NYE for a long time!!...

EVEN BIGGER LOVE AND THANKS to all the WORK IT friends and fam who made 2008 BLOODY GOOD...

Maxwell Jaye's got it all day long!!!Eddy Visions nothing but real love for you!!BIG UP Simon for the pictures that keep making me high, and the gorgeous Hula Girl Charlie for keeping us hypnotized with that hoop!!

Check the rest HERE

2009 we WORK IT harder.