Tuesday, 24 March 2009


I always have a Kurious 12" in my record box. Kurious faded away into obscurity after the release of his 1st album, which was not commercially successful but is in my favorite albums of the 90's. With lines like "dropping gems like I'm on the run from police" from 'mansion and a yacht' and production from VIC, the Beatnuts and Pete nice it's a classic in my opinion. I always wondered what happened to him since that album. In the late 90's Spine Magazine interviewed him, highlights included him hoovering his apartment freestyling. Priceless. After that he released a 12" on stonegroove in 2001 which was less than up-to par with his previous matierial. Afew guest appearances later takes us upto today which happens to be the release date of Kurious' second album simply titled 'II'. Here's a sampler video...

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