Thursday, 26 March 2009

WTF are you playing at MUSIQ?

I went to see Musiq Soulchild last Sunday, I used to be somewhat of a fan seeing him for the first time at Southport Weekender in 2000 was one of my teen highlights. But this time round it was all a bit strange. First I got my camera taken off me which pissed me off as every side stepping old timer had their phones and digital devices held up throughout the entire performance, something to do with no SLRs. Whatevs.

Anyways so he comes out on stage starts singing and almost imediately he is full of excuses, technical fault this, soar throat that. Mate if your over the hill then give it up. After performing songs I had never heard for what seemed like a minute he ran off stage and the badly styled all girl band played an instrumental. Then the girl DJ starts dropping some of his most famous tunes, I mean if I wanted to hear them on CD I would of just stayed at home and played them in my bedroom.


On his return, I was more than a bit confused when he pulled out a series of large teddy bears and began throwing them into the crowd. The slightly aging audience went nuts and were pushing and shoving to get their piece of Musiq memorabilia. I mean if it was Valentines then maybe I could understand it but WTF was with the teddy bears???

I think I just need to accept that gone are the days of hot Neo-soul boys wearing over sized knitted caps, nodding heads and smoking in the crowd. The first time round the guy was confidently sipping from his flask of coffee through out his performance not buying his way out of singing by bribing the audience with stuffed animals.

I think I will stick to the CD and my memories in future.

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Caitlin said...

urgh I know.. what a complete disappointment :(
the manchester gig was EXACTLY the same minus the odd teddy bear gifting.
at least we have the memories hey.