Saturday, 16 May 2009

David Rodigan at The Shacklewell Arms

Big thanks to Renee and Nell for the 90s Roots and Culture set...don't think the Work It Crew have ever wind so hard. Rodigan smashed the place! Look out for the next Sound Clash...

Rodigan 6

Rodigan 1

Rodigan 3

Rodigan 7


Rodigan 8

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keisha said...

ONE OF MY MOST WASTED SATURDAY NIGHTS...must warn u guys waited 1 hour in the que, though might aswell im here now, watched as soooo many people jumped the que ans no one cared enough to try and mangae the que so it was fair. one of the 2 work it dj girls came out, and i watched as 2 random men came from across the street and sed 'hey whats going on here, and the long haired work it girl said its a aprty and it my night do u want to come in' and then as they agrees 'ok y not' she led them stright in totalllllly disrespected the other people who were queing outside for the last hours. DONT GO. DONT GIVE THMW YOUR MONEY

Tina Turnover said...

Hi Keisha,

I am sorry to hear you left disappointed. We try our best to make sure everyone gets inside as quickly as possible. Saturday was a bit busier than expected but the WORK IT policy remains first come first served so if you get there early you get in.

'The long haired work it girl' also known as Sara was doing her job on the door getting the 'random men' also known as DJs inside.

You should give us ONE MORE CHANCE.

Come down to Cargo this Sunday we are having a BIG FREE party with Livin Proof: